In Nigeria today, if you have money sitting idle in your bank account.....YOU'RE LOSING MONEY!!!

Inflation is eating up your money in the bank and there is only one way the wealthy are surviving...

According to Nigerian Bereau of Statistics, Inflation in Nigeria just hit a 17 year high in 2023 

Below is a graph showing this

What this means is that price of arguably everything right now from food stuff to transport has gone up while purchasing power has reduced badly, affecting our ability to buy what we used to buy without stress

The scary part is this trend will continue, sadly.

Your money will continue to lose value if you let it just stay in the bank or spend it on things that don’t generate a return 

If you don’t let your money work for you, you’ll continue to work and work and work only for the money not to be enough to settle bills, not to talk of buying what you like.

It’s time for you to move from being solely dedicated to earning money to making your money work for you.

That is the ONLY way you can be ahead.

This is one secret the wealthy understands and that is why you’ll always hear them say they don’t keep money in the bank

Real estate investment remains one of the best passive income investment streams you can have but there are challenges too that make you want to run away from it….

Some of these reasons are;

  • Fear of buying from wrong hands and getting scammed
  • Hidden charges that never ends
  • Difficulty in reselling and eventually selling lower than planned

Reasons like these make you run away from what could be your route to an additional income and financial freedom

What if I told you there is another way to earn in real estate…

A more specific way that eliminates your fears and guarantees passive income

You know how much profit you’d gain…

You will also know the time it would take to get your profit…

The amazing part is that there is no stress at all with this method

Also, You do not need to have millions to take advantage of this opportunity

NB: This is NOT Ponzi or any form of get rich quick scheme

Many people have tried different means to get passive income but have not been successful, also people without adequate information also have not been able to come across this opportunity but there are a solid number of people who make good money annually from this simple real estate trading opportunity and you are about to be one of them.

I know you are familiar with the saying that ‘the rich keep getting richer’.

It is not magic.

This is because the rich always position themselves to take advantage of opportunities while the poor and middle class let fear, uncertainty and doubt make them not take action and miss out on life changing opportunities

What I am about to share with you is called MAX TRADE by PWAN Max

MAX TRADE provides you with a 30% profit on your transaction in 12 months. This means that with 1m, you’ll get 1.3m after 12 months.

This is how it works…

Look at it this way, you acquire a piece of property from our designated estates and after 12 months we buy it back from you at 30% PROFIT. Simple, no extra thing is needed 

Each transaction comes with a receipt of payment, contract of sale and post-dated cheque which can be cashed after 12 months.

Remember that issuing a dud cheque (cheque that bounces when you take it to bank to cash out) is a criminal offence that can lead to 2 years imprisonment. We have been doing this since 2016 and have not had such issue.

Below are some images of contract and cheques

Max trade is open to everybody from Individuals/investors who needs a means to generate passive income to young entrepreneurs looking to generate capital, small business owners, traders, teachers, doctors, governors, presidents etc.

Max trade is a very profitable venture that gives you 30% profit after 12 months compared to banks which gives 2-5% in the same period. 

Max trade is a guaranteed venture because of its association with real estate. 

With Max Trade, you do not have to stress yourself with site work, allocation and the likes. It is basically you buying our land and doing absolutely nothing while we buy it back from you after 12 months at 30% profit e.g You buy at 10m and we buy back at 13m after 12 months. 

With max trade, you know how much you’re getting and the specific timeframe. 

Max trade eliminates the headache of other payments usually associated with buying lands like survey fee, deed of assignment fee, development and infrastructure fee plus issues of government or omo-onile wahala does not even bother you at all.

You might also ask how we generate the 30% profit

We basically use a profit sharing model we introduced to add an extra passive income stream to investors.

We acquire, develop and sell different properties nationwide so when these monies comes in, we use it to acquire more properties and develop already existing ones while the profit you enjoy after 12 months comes from part of the profit made in the business.

We are PWAN Max, a member of PWAN Group with over 11 years experience in the real estate industry and hundreds of estates in our portfolio

You can start trading real estate with MAX TRADE with as low as 750k 

Kindly fill the form below to get started

Let’s be real here,

Whether we like it or not, 12 months will come and go, different amounts of money will pass through your bank account in that period and the big question will be….did I put my money to good use or did I just waste it on frivolities?

You’ll ask yourself….is my money making more money for me or is it just in the bank reducing because of charges?

I know people that kept procrastinating last year for all kinds of reasons and this year when I contacted them, the money was no longer available. In short, one of them even confided in me that he did not know where and how the money disappeared.

Meanwhile, I know a couple that took the decision of keying in on this opportunity and they used the profit to pay their kids school fees.

Also, there is Bolanle who uses her profit from Max Trade to pay rent.

You can imagine that…..

Not having to worry about certain bills because of this smart financial decision you’ll make today.

The choice is yours but if I were you, I’d take the wise and smart step which is putting my money where it’ll generate pure, risk-free passive income.

In Summary, this is what you stand to gain with Max Trade…

– 30% profit in 12 months

– A legally binding contract

– A post dated cheque

– No extra or hidden charges

– No fear about location of the estate

– No fear about any form of  encumbrances

Knowing your money is safe is a good feeling but knowing your money is generating more money for you is a better feeling.

So click the link below and let me get you started on this wonderful opportunity

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